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We work to ensure your systems and applications are on robust footing
- so you don't have to

Performance Engineering

We help client organizations increase revenue by embracing practices and capabilities that build quality and performance in their organization

Web Engineering

By mapping requirements to application design and architecture, we consistently deliver projects that exceed client expectations

Network Engineering

We provide a full suite of networking solutions and have experience optimizing networks from startups to large enterprises

Data Engineering

By replacing costly legacy data infrastructure with reliable and scalable big-data pipelines, we help prepare clients for a future of analytics

How we are different

We use rigorous, data-driven methodologies

We take the time to understand how all parts of the system fit together. Knowing which metrics matter allows us to build in performance from the first design.

How we deliver results

Our promise

Your success is our
singular goal

Engineering web applications involves many intrinsic challenges due to their distributed nature, content orientation, and the requirement to make them available to a spectrum of users.

At NexDegree we look at multiple attributes of an application during requirements gathering and design.

Our Offerings

Big Data Architecture

Data Transport Solutions

Network Design

Lifecycle Virtualization



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"Working with NexDegree has shown us how properly engineered solutions can drastically increase business performance and yield fantastic ROI"

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