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About Us

Enabling smarter decisions with data

We build trust and cultivate long term relationships to provide clients with significant economic value. Our approach and methodology separates us from the competition and is the reason why clients choose to work with us year after year.


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Our approach

Data Driven

Follow the data - it will guide you

At NexDegree, we believe that harnessing data is critical for effective decision making.

Rigorously ensuring data integrity from source to sink and combining it with business wisdom is a powerful combination that helps us deliver real impact to our clients.

Strive for Excellence

We endeavor to do it right the first time. In a world of rushed decision making and hurried project completion, we are avoid sacrificing quality for short term expediency.

Growth Mindset

We embrace the belief that we can always be learning and adopt Kaizen - the Japanese concept of continuous improvement. We set high expectation of ourselves.

Customer Driven

We aspire to be in partnership with our customers over the long term. We are committed to delivering win win solutions and ongoing value. This inspires customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Bias towards Action

We are proactive. We think through scenarios and anticipate outcomes and move quickly and decisively where necessary to stay ahead of issues.

Bring Solutions

We enjoy solving problems and figuring things out. When presented with a challenge, we always suggest possible solutions and ask clarifying questions to make sure we are solving the real underlying issue.

Be Present

We seek meaningful, uninterrupted, “all in” experiences at each end of the work/life spectrum. We offer the freedom and autonomy to manage our time to both achieve results for our clients and attain personal goals.

Default to Transparency

As individuals, we view transparency as a lifestyle of authenticity and honesty. As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to work remotely and establish a culture of trust. As a company, we view transparency as a tool to help others.

Enjoy Competing

Compete comes from the Latin root meaning “strive together” and is a foundation of excellence. As a market leader, we compete for clients, partners and talent on a regular basis. We enjoy the challenge of engaging in healthy competition.

Have Gratitude

We are thankful for our customers and approach them with the knowledge that it’s a privilege to serve them. We practice humility and our grateful for our teammates and the work they do. We display gratitude for platforms, tools and open source code.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Culture can be defined as the DNA that underpins an organization. At NexDegree we live and breathe our culture every day. It guides us during moments of ambiguity and helps us channel our passion. It inspires us to exceed our limits and maintain high standards for ourselves and our customers.

Imran Moinuddin

Founder & C.E.O.
Imran specializes in the areas of data analysis, artificial intelligence and performance systems. He has co-founded startups in clean energy, vision, health and fintech spaces and is the president of the local Stanford Club.

Saad Hashmi

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy
Saad has experience in leading companies around the world such as Amazon, Deloitte, Cisco and HSBC. He has an MBA from University of Michigan and is passionate about using technology to drive innovation and impact.

Omer Bhutta

Data Science Lead
Omer is passionate about using math and data to solve challenging problems. With a background in mathematics from LUMS, he looks after the data science team and manages NexDegree's data analytics portfolio.

Shahzad Paracha

Head of Engineering & Development
Shahzad has 20 years of extensive experience across Product Management, Agile Project Management, Systems Analysis, Web Development and other areas. He oversees all aspects of engineering and managed services.

Babar Sajid

Customer Success Manager
With a wealth of experience in Customer Relations and Project Management, Babar oversees the Customer Success department for both local and international clients.

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